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CRUTECH Full Text Non-Copyrighted Journal Articles

  1. 203 Quality of Education Delivery, Trainers' Perspectives in Universities of Calabar and Uyo, Nigeria. By Ijeoma A. Archibong, Augustine O. Oshiomu And Bassey, S U.
  2. A review on Gongronema latifolium (Utasi) A novel antibiotic against Staphylococcus aureus related infections. By Etta Hannah Edim, Uzong Grace Egomi, Ekpo Uwem F and Okon Essien Archibong 
  3. Academic Staff Disposition To Promotion Criteria In Nigerian Universities. By Ijeoma A. Archibong
  4. Adjustment Challenges of New Academic Staff in Nigerian Universities A Case Study of University of Calabar. By Franca Anijaobi-Idem, Ijeoma A. Archibong
  5. An Investigation of the Gathering System Options for a Hypothetical Field with Uniformly Distributed Production Wells
  6. Analyses Of Radiation And Rainfall Pattern In Kano State-Northern Nigeria (1978-2007). By OSANG, J. E., Ewona, I. O., OBI, E. O,, Udoimuk, A. B, Kamgba, F. A
  7. Antidermatophytic Investigation Of Ethanol Extract Of Mucuna Urens (Linn) Against Microsporum Canis. By Etta, Hannah Edim, Ejini, Valentine Olim and Abraham, Jehoshaphat Testimony
  8. Applications of small-scale, stand-alone wind energy conversion systems in rural Cross River State, Nigeria. By Fidelis I. Abam
  9. Assessment Of Environmental Radioactivity Around Coal Mine At Okaba, Kogi State Nigeria. By Ojar, J. U., Ushie, P. O., Osang, J. E., Ettah, E. B., Alozie, S. I.
  10. Barrier to Understanding Fine Arts. Bojor B. Enamhe
  11. Basinal Configuration And Intrasediment Intrusives As Revealed By Aeromagnetics Data Of South East Sector Of Mamfe Basin, Nigeria. By Obi, D . A ., Obi, E. O., Okiwelu, A. A.
  12. Comparative Differentiation of Morphometric Traits and Body Weight Prediction of Giant African Land Snails with Four Whorls in Niger Delta region of Nigeria. By B. Okon, L. A. Ibom, H. E. Ettah 
  13. Comparative Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Toxoplasmosis among Three Subgroups in Nigeria. By Emmanuel C. Uttah, Raymond Ajang, Jude Ogbeche, Hannah Etta & Lawrence Etim
  14. Cost performance analysis of small scale automotive maintenance firms in Calabar metropolis. By Bethrand N. Nwankwojike, Oliver I. Inah, Onwuka S. Osinachi and Fidelis I. Abam
  15. Cycle parametric study on the performance of aeroderivative gas turbine models developed from a high bypass turbofan engine. By Samuel O. Effiom, Fidelis I. Abam and Brethrand N. Nwankwojike
  16. Earthquake-Prediction-in-Awi-Akamkpa-Local-Government-Area-of-Cross-River-State-Nigeria.
  17. Economic cost evaluation on the viability of offshore wind turbine farms in Nigeria. By S.O. Effioma, B.N. Nwankwojike, F.I. Abam
  18. Effect of Additives on the Thermal Conductivity of Loamy Soil in Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) Farm, Calabar, Nigeria. By C. O. Edet, P. O. Ushie & C. M. Ekpo 
  19. Energy resource structure and on-going sustainable development policy in Nigeria, a review. By Fidelis I. Abam, Bethrand N. Nwankwojike, Olayinka S. Ohunakin, Sunday A. Ojomu 
  20. Environmental health Effect and Air Pollution from cigarette smokers in Cross River State, Nigeria Obi, E. O., Osang, J. E., Ewona, I. O., Udoimuk A. B., Kamgba, F. A. 
  21. Estimation of correlation coefficient between traits of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties under the influence of mineral fertilizers and growth regulator, Furolan. By Essien Okon, Hann 
  22. Evaluation of Soil Quality in Relation to Landuse Effect in Akamkpa, Cross River State – Nigeria. By Uquetan U. I., Eze E. B., Uttah C., Obi E. O., Egor A. O., Osang J. E 
  23. Fever among Children in Calabar, Nigeria Malaria, the Predominant Precursory Medical Condition. By Emmanuel C. Uttah, Hannah Etta, Cletus I. Iboh, Raymond Ajang, George I. Ukpong 
  24. Forms of Dishonesty Amongst Academic Staff and the Way Forward. By Prof. Ijeoma A. Archibong 
  25. Gas flaring effects on temperature change in Amai Community area in Niger Delta region of Nigeria. By Efenji G.I, Obi E.O, Kamgba F.A, Ituabhor Odesanya 
  26. Genetic Analysis on frequency of alleles for Rh and ABO blood group systems of students in CRUTECH, Calabar. By Okon Essien Archibong, Etta Hannah Edim, Ogbeche Jude & Edadi Inyang Ukam 
  27. Heat and mass transfer parameters in the drying of cocoyam slice. By Macmanus C. Ndukwua, Cyprian Diriohaa, Fidelis I. Abama,, Victor E. Ihediwa 
  28. ICT Competence among Academic Staff in among academic staff. By Prof. Ijeoma A. Archibong, Joseph E. Ogbiji and Franca Anijaobi-Idem 
  29. ICT Competence among Academic Staff in Universities in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. By Ijeoma A. Archibong, Joseph E. Ogbiji, Franca Anijaobi-Idem. 
  30. Influence of different treatments on the variation of grain size trait in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). By Essien Okon, Hannah Edim Etta & Vladimir Zuba 
  31. Influence Of Furolan -Treated Seeds On Sowing Characteristics Of Winter Wheat Cultivars. By Essien Okon, Hannah E. Etta & Zuba Vladimir 
  32. Investigating the effect of growth regulator, furolan on the nucleic acid content of winter wheat grains. By Essien Okon, Hannah Etta & Natali Nenco 
  33. Investigating the effect of storage time and furolan on the contents of protein fraction composition and amino acids in winter wheat grain. By Essien Okon, Hannah Etta & Natali Nenco
  34. Investigation of the Effect of Stage Cascade on Amplifier Circuits in a Common Emitter Configuration Using Bypass and Non 2
  35. Mechanistic Modeling of Water Replenishment Rate of Zeer Refrigerator. By B. N. Nwankwojike, O. S. Onwuka, P. T. Anukam, F. I Abam and H. N. Chilaka
  36. Modifications in sperm quality of albino rats (wister) by ethanol extract of Phyllanthus amarus (Schum. and Thonn). By Etta H. E., Eneobong E. E. & Okon E. A.
  37. Occupational Stress Sources Among University Academic Staff. By Ijeoma A. Archibong, Akpo O Bassey, and David O. Effiom
  38. Performance evaluation of aeroderivative gas turbine models derived from a high bypass turbofan for industrial power generation. By Samuel O. Effiom, Fidelis I. Abam and Bethrand N. Nwankwojike
  39. Performance modeling of industrial gas turbines with inlet air filtration system. By Samuel O. Effiom, Fidelis I. Abam b
  40. Personality Variables as Predictors of Leadership Role Performance Effectiveness of Administrators of Public Secondary Schools in Cross. By Charles P. Akpan & Ijeoma A. Archibong
  41. Phenotypic Caharacterization of Two Snail breeds Achachatina marginata (S) and Achatina fulica ( L) in Calabar, Cross River State. By Hannah Edim Etta, Essien Archibong Okon & Peace Archibong Ekpe
  42. Prediction of shear resistance factor in flat slabs design using critical perimeter of supporting columns. By F. O. Idagu, N. M. Ogarekpe and T. I. Ugama
  43. Preliminary Investigations Of The Insecticidal Effect Of Ocimum gratissimum (L) On Adult Anopheles Mosquitoes. By Hannah E. Etta, Iniodu G. Ukpong, Cletus I. Iboh and Momoh E. Nsharr
  44. Preparation And Role Performance Effectiveness Of Academic Heads In Tertiary Educational Institutions In Akwa-Ibom And Cross River States. By Ijeoma A. Archibong
  45. Simpboard –A Mongodb Implementation Of A Simplified Online Bulletin Board System For Information Dissemination In Tertiary Institutions. By A. E. Ibor, K. E. Eyong And E. B. Edim.
  46. Strengthening Internal Quality Assurance for Improved Education Delivery in Nigerian Public Universities. By Ijeoma A. Archibong
  47. Teaching as a Career Perception of University Education Students in Cross River State. By Ijeoma A. Archibong, Idaka, Idaka E., Edet, Aniefiok Oswald 
  48. Techniques of oil response. By Obi, E. O., Kamgba, F. A., and Obi, D. A.
  49. The Challenges Of Information And Communication Technology In Nigeria Universities, The Way Forward. By Emmanuel Bassey Henry, Umoh Abang Abang And Emmanuel Atam Echa
  50. The Effect of Seasonal Variation and Angle of Inclination on the Performances of Photovoltaic Panels in South Eastern Nigeria. By N.V. Ogueke, F. Abam, K. N. Nwaigwe, C.A. Okoronkwo, P.E. Ugwuoke
  51. The Importance and Challenges of Biometric Machine in School Supervision. A Case Study of Access High School, Calabar. By Emmanuel Bassey Henry, Matthew Arum Alfred and Emmanuel Atam Echa
  52. Thermal-Effect-of-Gas-Flaring-Activities-in-Ogba-Egbema-Ndomi-Community-Rivers-State-Nigeria
  53. Thermodynamic performance and environmental sustainability of adapted organic Rankine cycles at varying evaporator. By F. I. Abam, E. B. Ekwe, T. A. Briggs, S. O. Effiom, O. S. Ohunakin & M. Allen
  54. Towards Improved Teaching Effectiveness in Nigerian Public Universities Instrument Design and Validation. By Ijeoma A. Archibong, Mbe E. Nja
  55. Variation of Traits of Winter Wheat(Triticum aestivum L.) varieties under the influence of Mineral Fertilizer and Growth Regulator, Furolan at full maturity phase. By Essien Okon, Hannah Edim Etta
  56. Vehicular Emissions and Air Quality Standards in Nigeria.By F. I. Abam and G. O. Unachukwu
  57. Air Quality and Environmental Health in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. By Ewona, I. O., Osang, J. E, Obi, E. O., Udoimuk A. B., Ushie, P. O.
  58. An Empirical Study of Seasonal Rainfall Effect in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. UDOIMUK, A. B., OSANG, J. E., ETTAH, E. B., ,USHIE, P. O.,
  59. Assessment of Radio-Frequency Radiation Exposure Levels from Selected Mobile Base Stations (MBS) in Lokoja, Nigeria. By Victor U. J. Nwankwo, Nnamdi N. Jibiri, Silas S. Dada, Abraham A. Onugba and Patrick Ushie
  60. Background Terrestrial Radiation Exposure Level Of Cross River University Of Technology (Crutech), Calabar Nigeria. By Ushie P.O, Pekene D.B, Egeshi C.M, Ohakwere-Eze M.C
  61. Comparative Analysis of SAR and Temperature Rise within Head Tissues Exposed to RF Radiation from GSM Transceiver Base Station in South-South Nigeria. By P.O. Ushie, O.D. Osahon, O. A. Ojo
  62. Comparative Study of the Effects of Relative Humidity on Solar Electricity Generation in UYO and Port- Harcourt, Nigeria. By E. B. Ettah, P.O Ushie, J. N Obiefuna, N. C. Nwachukwu
  64. Empirical Study of the Frequency and Severity of Earthquakes in Taiwan. By Obi E. O., Abong A. A, Ogbeche J. U
  65. Environmental Effect of Gas Flaring on the Soil pH Value in Some Communities in Niger Delta of Nigeria. By Obi E. O., Osang J. E., Pekene D. B.
  66. Environmental Pollution of the Soil by Heavy Metals at a Dumpsite Located at Esuk Utan, Calabar, CRS, Nigeria. By Obi E. O., Kamgba F. A., Nsa N. E.
  67. Estimation of Radiation Absorbed Dose to Patients Undergoing Chest X-ray Examination in Four Government Own Hospitals in Nigeria. By Osahon O. D., Ojo O. A., Ushie P. O.
  68. Evaluations of the Effect of WorkshopLaboratory Accidents and Precautionary Steps towards Safety Practice. By Osang, Jonathan Eyire, Obi, Emmanuel O, Ewona, Igwe O.
  69. Investigation and Comparative Analysis of Energy Potentials from Different Biomass Sources. By Ushie P.O., Odok E.O., Ettah E.B, Ishaje M.E.
  70. Investigation of Field Induced Effect of High Voltage Transmission Line in Calabar South, Nigeria. By P. O.Ushie, D. J. B. Pekene, E. O.Obi and K. E. Ukhurebor
  71. Investigation of the Main Lobe Distance of Transmitted Power Density from GSM Transceiver Base Stations in South-South Nigeria. By O. D. Osahon, P. O. Ushie2, O. A. Ojo
  72. Measurement and Analysis of Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure Level from Different Mobile Base Transceiver Stations in Ajaokuta and Environs, Nigeria. 
  73. Review of Gas Flaring Activities in Niger Delta Area of Nigeria. By OSANG, J. E., OBI, E. O., EWONA, I. O., UDOIMUK A. B., NWACHUKWU, N. CA
  74. Effect Of Hunting Activities On The Population Of White-Throated Monkey (Cercopithecus rythrogaster) In Okomu National Park , Edo State, Nigeria
  75. Instructional Charts And Secondary Schools Students’ Performance In Fine Arts In Calabar Metropolis
  76. Income Response Pattern To Beef And Frozen Fish Consumption In Selected Communities In Cross River State, Nigeria
  77. Analysis Of Resource Use Efficiency In Yam Production In Yakurr Local Government Area Of Cross River State, Nigeria
  78. Urinary Schistosomiasis Among Kindergarten And Primary School Children In Okpechi Community, Cross River State, Nigeria: A Preliminary Study
  79. Modified Sand-Soil Filtration Bed As Alternative Economic Technology For Treatment Of Distillery Effluent
  80. Strategies In Educational Broadcast
  81. Public Perception Of Nollywood And Implications For Nigerian Society
  82. Tick Infestation And Babesia Canis Infections In Dogs In Calabar,Cross River State Nigeria
  83. Cationic Exchanger From Polymerised Bio-Material Wastes – A Device For Concentrating And Recovering Metal Ions From Effuents
  84. Cellulosic Filler Effect On Poly (Vinyl-Acetate) Emulsion Wood Adhesives
  85. Effect Of Dietary Inclusion Of Graded Levels Of Custus Afar (Spiral Ginger) On Performance Of Broiler Chickens
  86. The Application Of The Rational Formula Method In Estimating Surface Runoff In Calabar South, South-South Nigeria
  87. Effect Of Open Dumps On Some Engineering And Chemical Properties Of Soil
  88. The Impact Of Urban Growth On Agricultural Land In Calabar—Nigeria
  89. The Impact Of Surface Run-Off And Wastewater Discharge From Peacock Paint Industry On Ikot Ekan River In Etinan Local Government Area Of Akwa Ibom State
  90. Insecticidal Potency Of Asystasia Vogeliana On Bean Seeds (Vigna Unguiculata) In Storage.
  91. Plasmodial Infectivity Rate Of Female Anopheles Mosquitoes Found In The Cross River University Of Technology, Calabar Campus, Calabar, Nigeria.
  92. Ground Water Quality Characterisation For Calabar South , Cross River State,South South Nigeria
  93. Roof Construction And Roof Failures In The Subequatorial Climatic Zone Of Nigeria (Case-Study: Calabar And Environs)
  94. Influence Of Teacher-Related Factors On The Implementation Of Information And Communication T Echnology (Ict) Curriculum In Nigerian Schools
  95. Analysis of Return and Risk in Direct Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investments in Calabar, South Eastern Nigeria.
  96. Analysis of Select Strategies and Approaches in Management of Communication in Planning and Execution in the Use of Communication for National Development in
  97. Anthropogenic Factors and Urban River Quality: A Critical Analysis of Aba River.
  98. Antibiogram of Isolates Obtained from Abattoirs in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria
  99. Assessment of Changing Patterns of Landuse in Calabar, Cross River State.
  100. Assessment of Trends in Development Costs and Annual Rents in Housing in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria from 1996 - 2011
  101. Characterization of the antibacterial and phytochemical potentials of leaves extracts of Azadirachta indica A. Juss
  102. Chilodonella sp, and Trichodina sp infections in Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus obtained from Cross River Estuary and Adjacent Coastal Waters.
  103. Computer-Assisted Instruction and Students’ Mathematics Ability in Selected Secondary Schools in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.
  104. Consumers Tendency to Spend Money and the Influence of Gender and Marital Status.
  105. Determination of Physicochemical Properties of Dioscorea bulbifera Starch.
  106. Developing Alternative Materials in a Transitional Economy: Sculpting with Resin-Bonded Stone Fragments
  107. Entrepreneurial Strategies for Skills Acquisition by Secondary School Science Students.
  108. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A Tool for Repositioning the Youths for Global Competitiveness
  109. Evaluation of the Effect of Groundnut Oil as Dietary Lipid on Growth, Body Composition, Haematology and Flesh Quality of the Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus
  110. ICT and Higher Education: Case Studies of Four Nigerian Universities
  111. Microorganisms Associated with Soyabean Milk Fermentation
  112. Prospects of Biomass Energy in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
  113. Qualitative Assessment of the Impact of Wood Dust on the Health of Wood Workers in Some Selected Timber Markets in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  114. Revisiting the Media Effect Controversy and Their Implications for, and Applications in Managing Sustainable Human Development Campaigns
  115. Studies on the effective use of Morbidity Questionnaires in the Detection of Urinary Schistosomiasis and its Implications for Control in BiaseArea of Cross River State, Nigeria.
  116. Studies on the Malaria Profile of Cross River State, Nigeria, Using Geographic Information Systems, GIS.
  117. Substitution of Fish oil with Groundnut oil in the Diet of the African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus, Effects on growth, body composition, haematology and sensory quality
  118. The Place of Marketing in the Privatization Policy of Nigeria
  119. Trace Elements in Vegetables Grown Along Road Sides of Some High Traffic Areas of Calabar Metropolis
  120. Visual Arts and Technology Department, Cross River University of Technology, Calabar: An Overview
  121. Estimating Beef Price Elasticities 0f Rural Households In Obubra Local Government Area Of Cross River State, Nigeria
  122. Response Of Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus L. Moench) To Phosphorus Fertilizer In Soils Of Central Cross River State
  123. Effects Of Plant Population And Nitrogen On Growth And Dry Matter Yield Of Maize In Maiduguri, North Eastern Nigeria
  124. Fertilizer Effects On The Growth And Yield Of Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe) In Cross River State, Nigeria
  125. Varietal Differences, Plant Population And Nitrogen Effects On Yield Components And Grain Yield Of Maize In Maiduguri, North Eastern Nigeria
  126. Interior Design And Architecture
  127. Genetic Analysis On Frequency Of Alleles For Rh And Abo Blood Group Systems Of Students In Cross River University Of Technology, Calabar
  128. Healing Of Sickle-Cell Leg Ulcers With Thermohydrotherapy: A Case Report
  129. Length-Weight Relationship, Condition Factor And Carapace Length Of Atya Gabonensis (Giebel, 1875) In Cross River, Nigeria
  130. Fisheries Cooperative Approach: Benefit-Cost Ratio Of Fish Farming In Cross River State, Nigeria
  131. Analytical Study Of The Utilization Of Information And Communication Technology In Selected Federal University Libraries Of Nigeria
  132. A Correlation Of Radiation Level From Computers And Photocopiers And Possible Effect On Human Health – A Case Study Of Rivers State University Of Science And Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria